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Possible reopen of Shadows of Survival if enough people wants it!

So I've noticed lately allot of people want the reopen of Shadows of Survival, and me (Simon) and William must admit we kinda miss Minecraft.

Though we have spent countless hours, it was all worth it. We tried allot of creating a special server, thus our goal was 12 frequent players playing, we only had like 3 people on. But it was a nice and cozy environment to be in. In the end the time spent and the money it costs a month just wasn't worth it.

If the server is going to be reopened, we will have to at least have 50 votes for this and we need to collect 30 dollars to have a stable reopen.

If the server re-opens, all will be reset, but maybe we'll move something we like.
Tell me if you guys like it, we will open for donations after we reach our 50 votes goal!

Rollin' better than ever with AWESOME plugins!

Long time since a new post have arrived at the front page, I've updated all the commands and information, but I just didn't get the time to update this, but now i'm writing.

After our launch we have transformed into an tremendously better server, and I can proudly say all of our plugins is working perfect, and we only have satisfied players playing. I'm not gonna go into the details of all the plugins we have got, because that's just too much. But you can read all about them at the "Information"-page or at the "Commands"-page!

Since we have launched allot of actions that were manually now have gotten automatically also, witch is our top goal. We have also got allot of new players, and have ranked up fast at!

We have got new cool plugins, and the only way to find out how they really work, is visiting our server, hehe.
But I've got to mention one plugin tho, Votifyer. This enables us to instantly give you 2 diamonds every day you vote for us on!

Isn't that awesome? Check out our thread and vote for us every day, this is really important! :-)
Click here for our page at

Also check our our new minecraftforums thread at:
Check it out here!

See you soon! Hopefully on the server!
Remember to check out our new awesome plugins!



Finally after two long months, we are ready to open again, with a better server, and a new hosting location, in Paris! We are really looking forward to this, and we expect the server to open 16:00 GMT +2 Greenwitch Time, tomorrow 07/06/12.

We have added so many features and improvements, that I can't even sum them up here, you can read the amazing features on the "Our server"-page or our official minecraft thread, here.

We have also gotten an new IP:

Be sure to tell all your friends about this!

Improving Server and Adding AWESOME Features!

We are sorry for the downtime the server experiences. This is due to our server being renewed and things are being added! Allot of new improvements are going to be added! The server opens again when everything is ready, keep yourself updated!

Also remember to subscribe to our Official YouTube channel for commentaries, Let's Play videos, trailers
and much more!

And follow us on Twitter if you want to find out when the server is up on the minute!

Here are some of the changes that were accepted:

* We are going to remove Creative from our main world (even Admin's can't use it). And we have installed a plugin that allows you to have two separate inventories between Creative and Survival.

* We are going to install iConomy so players can buy things from sign shops, and we have installed a plugins where people have jobs like miner, wood chopper, hunter and such, also they can sell their items for in-game money!

* We are also in addition to PixelArtWorld, going to make a world just for Creative! This world is going to be a flatland world, with amazing things everywhere, this will only be available to donators and designers and the admins/staff.

* We have also made a Twitter page, Official Facebook page and a YouTube page, on the YouTube page, in the beginning me and ziggyfx are going to hopefully have weekly Let's Play videos, Commentaries, Series and Trailers!

Also we are going to have an own specific world for YouTube videos.

We are also going to move Spawn into the castle to make it simpler, also remove some ugly buildings in Town, and make it look survival-ish and like a hometown :D

Also outside town is going to be 100% survival! :)

That's all the news for now, there are more to come!

Updated to 1.2.3 and allot of New Features!


 We are finnaly up and rolling again. And we have just passed an ''inactive'' period, because of server not being updated because of Bukkit not updating.

But now we have updated to Bukkit's latest Beta build, and updated ALL of our plugins! :) We have also gotten up all our new sites to promote the server, and some videos also made by users!

Some of the new plugins we have gotten is Playtime, HawkEye, Permissions and MultiWorld. Playtime basically tells us how much time you have spent on the server. 10 hours spent gives and reward, and 1 day (24 hours) spent gives a bigger reward! :D This will be updated with more rewards.

We have changed to HawkEye because LogBlock has stopped updating, and there were some minor bugs with it, but now everything is secure and safe with HawkEye! 

Our biggest feature is Permissions, it has been up and going for over 1-2 months now, and everything is set from rank to rank. When you first enter our server you are an Guest, then you got to apply the form at and you will be auto promoted to Member with allot of cool commands, and as we said, you will be promoted to Member+ when you have spent an specific amount of time. Also alot more commands has been added to the donation perks. 

And last we have MultiWorld, wich is an amazing plugin, that allows you to travel and create several worlds, and that brings us: PixelArtWorld! :D This is a world only for PixelArt, this will be updated.

Thanks for bearing with us! :D
Join us now!

Also, please head to these sites and vote for our server, this will really help us out!

Also remember to head over and leave a comment on our official thread!

See you soon,


Finally we are here, after we entered 2012, our server was in a renewing progress. And now that has finished. We have gotten a NEW WORLD! And a new name and allot of cool improvements to our server.

 We have gotten a plugin that tells us how long you have been playing on our server, and who's the top 5 time spenders, this we can use and reward our active players! We have also improved the whole starting system, so when you enter Spawn, everything is explained, and you will get a starter set, and some basics wooden items.

When you click on the sign in Spawn it leads you to our Town. And to get to the wilderness, just stroll down the street and there you are! To get a building in Town, you must have player (x) hours.

This will be updated! :)
Will update this thread with our official thread at


Come and join us now, on
๖ۣۜShadows of Survival 


Experiencing our Best Times Ever!

We can belive that there is soon just 1 month to our 1 year anniversary! This year have literary flown through our fingers! We have had an full packed year with eventful things happening on our server, and increased our hosting perks, and players playing on our server.

After the new year, I will be writing a bigger text about what's going to happen! :) Remember to visit our Season Themed Freebuild-Survival server! 

We wish you the best of luck,
and from all the staff and players on our server.

Have an amazing holiday, and happy new year!


Server Updated to Minecraft 1.0.0!

Finnaly, we have updated our server to the latest Minecraft version, 1.0.0! :)
So come visit us for more awesome features! :D


Minecraft Full Release Bukkit!

As you may have noticed, Minecraft has finally released their full version of the game, Minecraft 1.0.

Bukkit has not yet updated their Craftbukkit with a recommended Build, but that's not a big surprise, since the update came out a couple of hours ago, we hope that they will update soon, and then the server will be on the 1.0 update. 

At the moment the server is currently on the 1.8.1, and if you want to play on the server while waiting for Bukkit to update, you can download the minecraft.jar for 1.8.1 here: :)


We are Online! :D

After one hard week, we finally found the problem and our server is now going better than ever, 24/7 with no lag, and ofcourse, super happy admins! 

Come join us now on: or 


Long Downtime Update!

As you've probably noticed, we have been having problems with our server last week. The server is going on and off, because me and Beastnode are working almost 24/7 figuring out what's wrong.

And the cause of the world chunk lagging, and land not working properly, is two, maybe more plugins conflicting with each other, Spout and OreObfucation.

We have tried to remove these plugins, but when we do, the world won't load at all. That means, the world is ''reliable'' on these plugins to be there, and that is not how it shall be.

But we are closing up on a solution, and hopefully a fix.

In the best case, we can find a good solution, and everything will be back as normal.

In the worst case, we will have to run a 1 month old backup from the server, and everything will also be back as normal. Or we can just reset the world, but we all know, you guys and we, don't want that.

But, for any downtime we have, our hoster will add that to the billing for the month, so we are not losing any money on the bright side.

Bear with us! :)

Running Good! UPDATE & THREAD!

It's long since i updated the ''log'' here, so here it is!
Our server has been going stable 24/7 in 3 months now with 96% uptime!

And that, we in SiZoXe servers are very proud of! We have gotten a tons of players. And we have even got some donators, that donated for 1 and 1/2 moths and donated 15 dollar each!

So if you want to keep this server running, please go to Donations, and donate what you feel for! And i promise, the money is going to be spent on paying our hoster each moth 20 dollars.

We have also added tons of pictures from our server! You can find this and much more at our thread

Remember to also vote for us at:

The IP to our server is:



Up and rolling!

My big text update just got deleted and im not gonna re-write it. (Im mad at! :)

Our server have now been up and going 24/7 in two weeks, and almost lag free. If you join our server now, we will give you a FREE starter-set! Before joining, its important you read the rules at:

 After reading the rules, you can apply for the server at:

I have also worked 3 days with an thread on MC-Forums, and here it is!



BIG Update And Hoster Coming Soon!

Looks like there haven't been an update for long, so here it is!
Our staff have now collected enough money to buy a hoster. That means the server will be up 24/7 and almost no lag. We are planning on buying the hoster friday. And also posting a thread at MCforums.
If you have noticed, we have gotten an ''Donate'' button. And it would really be appreciated if you donate some dollars to us. Because the host only last for 1 month. If you donate now, you will also get some very cool perks!
Click the ''Donate-button'' in the sidebar for more info.
Also, Minecraft 1.6 has now arrived, so we are waiting on Bukkit to update their builds.
And here is an updated server staff list:
More updates coming soon!
- Simon 


The Team vs Team-server are stabil and up and going every second week 24/7. We are not accepting any people on our whitelist  before everything is ready, including the configuration of our plugins.

The things i am working on now is setting region protection, and finishing the plugins. Our staff are also trying to get completed the castles for each team. There will be two teams, Mighty Ducks and Nightmares.

Will be updating you guys as soon as possible!


The things i am working on now is setting region protection, and finishing the plugins. Our staff are also trying to get completed the castles for each team. There will be two teams, Mighty Ducks and Nightmares.

Will be updating you guys as soon


The Team vs Team-server is online, and the only thing that remains, before the server is finished are: Fixing an issue with WorldGuard and building spawn. These things will be done very soon. But the server is up and going every day, every other week, untill we get a hoster, (but that costs money!).  The server IP is

We are running a whitelist at the moment, so head over to: to get whitelisted!

 The Freebuild IP, i will post as soon as we are finished with spawn.


Experiencing downtime.

Due to the new Minecraft update Beta 1.5 & 1.5_01 our Bukkit-based server has broken down, we are working on fixing this, as soon as bukkit releases a new version compatible with Beta 1.5. 

We apologize for this and we expect to be up and running very soon!


Team vs Team server is up!

After finaly mastering the portforwarding, (the IP was screwed up so i connected local). I will be making the map today or tomorrow and add some plugins! Remember to join this site for more info!

If you still want to play without no map, freebuild for now:)




New crew member!

Say hello to a new member in the Crew, Håkon. Also known as ciksty. He will be doing the technial stuff and maintaining the servers with me


Starting up!

Hi guys!

I am Simon, the creator of SIZOXE's servers, and i will be updating this page in the nearest days.
Looking forward to meet you guys!



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